DeuSu is short for "Deutsche Suchmaschine" which is German for... well... "German Search-Engine". Not very imaginative, but the name is short and the domains were available. :)

Status Quo

The usual revenue-model for search-engines is advertising. But more and more people REALLY dislike ads.

Currently all major search-engines are based in the USA. Google, Bing and Yahoo (Yahoo shows search-results from Bing) dominate the market.

And a lot of smaller search-engines do nothing more than display the search-results of the big-players as their own. This means that probably 99% of all search-results shown in the western world are ultimately coming from Google and Bing.

DeuSu is different

DeuSu shows absolutely no advertising and is financed through donations.

DeuSu has its own search-index and is therefore completely independent from the big US-based search-engines.

DeuSu is operated out of Germany and is therefore subject to the strong privacy-laws in Germany. The entire communication between DeuSu and its users is encrypted with HTTPS/SSL.

If you want to help DeuSu to provide an alternative to the big-players in the search-engine market, then please support this project with your donation.